Veggie Lasagna.

I love this recipe.

Eat More Plants.

Because everybody needs lasagna once in a while…

I love, love, love using zucchini for noodle type dishes but this was my first time trying a lasagna with zucchini.

I have an abundance of patty pan and yellow straight neck squash so I’ve been looking for ways to use them! This turned out great and I also discovered (accidentally) that it’s easy to make zucchini “chips” at the same time.

Summer Squash

The patty pan squash is the flying saucer shaped one, second from the right. Any size or shape summer squash will work as long as you slice it thin and bake it sufficiently.

You should use a mandolin or a “Y” shaped peeler to make this; I think it would be fairly impossible to get a super thin length-wise slice on the zucchini without them.

Recipe adapted from This Rawsome Vegan Life.

yields 1 5×9 inch baking dish, approx 3…

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