Vanilla Creme Cake & Chocolate Avocado Ganache.

This is too Yummy not to reblog.

Eat More Plants.

vanilla creme cake

We visited my parents on Long Island over the weekend and I came back home to four, yes FOUR, perfectly ripe avocados.

ripe avocados

One went to a face mask – mushed it with some lemon and smeared it on my face (no photo documentation, sorry)

Two went to this chocolate ganache –

and the last one went to avocado toast for my baby #1.

Honestly, it’s not very often that I’m wracking my brain for ideas to use up ripe avocados, but it does happen.

Chocolate ganache may not seem like the easiest choice but it is pretty simple – only three ingredients!

I used this chocolate ganache to top my mini vanilla creme cake. Both were old recipes from the archives.

You can make the ganache (and the cake!) ahead of time and it will keep, covered in the fridge for a few days.

vanilla creme cake

chocolate avocado ganache

For the ganache –

2 or…

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